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Our Purpose

Because self-care is a mind-body-spirit imperative, we must govern our skin with intention, as it is the first base where digestion truly begins. We, to a great degree are what our skin ingests.
It is time to respect the Lordship of our skin.
-Sonya Ru

Oil of Ru butters have been designed to interact with our environment and simultaneously hydrate, moisturize, nourish and protect without leaving a greasy residue.

Oil of Ru has gone the extra mile to consecrate, sage, and charge our products with beautiful energy, well-being and new beginnings for all who align and affirm its essence and power by faith. The side-effect of this practice is kind of cool, as it unveils beautiful, radiant and healthier skin.

Oil of Ru, creates products that are better than the sum of their parts, ensuring beautiful synergy with your skin. Backed by years of vertical expertise we personally select every ingredient for its proven effectiveness and carefully source and formulate our handmade batches here in our US based Labs.

We are cruelty free and organic makers of face, body and mindfulness products. Thus, we do not use petrolatum or petroleum derived ingredients, silicones, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, PEG's, parabens, GMO's, synthetic dyes, talcs, sulfates, or harsh preservatives.
Ingredients: Discover the leading botanicals & vitamins that give our brand the crown!
Sal butter, kokum butter, 12 biblical healing oils, Therapeutic grade essential oils, Marula, Jojoba, Avocado, Safflower, Vitamin E, EMU, Aloe, Rosehip, Turmeric and Argan
Choose from seven heavenly aromatic butters;
Ruach (pronounced roo-ahk or roo-ah) (Infused Genie Butter)
Naked (Unadulterated Genie Butter)
Promise (Our Self-Care Declaration Genie Butter Charged with Feminine Energy)
King ( Lordship Genie Butter)
Queen (Essence of Ru Genie Butter)
Manifest (Moringa Genie Butter)
Courage (Turmeric Genie Butter)

a Mind, Body Spirit, self-care initiative, designed to instigate inner beauty worldwide through amazing beautanicals, well-being & conscious living.

Indulge in the art of self-care by Oil of Ru, a mind, body, spirit well-being initiative designed to enlighten, education and empower our community of beautiful souls. We have hand crafted a symphony of skin care products that not only edify your skin but also your within. There is none like the Ruach Experience.