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QUENCH Hyper Hydration Non Invasive Makeover Butter

Make your body over, beauty restoration butter designed with your hearts desire in mind. Do this for you. Experience the rush of youth finding its way back to you. Your skin is your vehicle to open doors. Get noticed more. Be radiant all over. Quench your skin with a Kiss of Oil Of Ru's most sought after Hydration Butter.

Nourish and protect skin against excessive dryness. Be soft, supple and silky again. Our hydration butter infused with dead sea minerals, dancing with an exotic blend of mineral salts and botanicals that never disappoints. 

We won't even mention how irresistible Quench Hydro smells.....ugh let the chase begin.


stimulate collagen synthesis 

prevent premature aging

streangthen your fascia

detoxify skin

releave muscle tension 

improve moisture levrls

improve elasticity