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I knew as soon as this product was born that its name needed to be meaningful. I created this sugar • honey • butter scrub to mesmerize whomever uses it. It’s aroma, heavenly 💕

Step into a world of tranquility with #shamayah as you embrace the laid-back luxury of our Lavender Sugar Scrub. Here's why it's your ticket to relaxation:

Gentle Blissful Buff: Let the sugar crystals work their magic, delicately revealing your skin's soft radiance without any fuss.
Chill Vibes Only: Lavender's calming aroma transforms your skincare routine into a zen moment, melting away stress like a spa day at home.
Skin Sip: Our scrub hydrates your skin with natural oils, ensuring it stays supple and glowing. Say goodbye to dry patches!
Easy-Breezy Circulation Boost: The gentle massage as you scrub not only feels dreamy but also gets your blood flowing, giving your skin that healthy, happy flush.
Nature's Touch: Crafted with love and natural goodness, our lavender sugar scrub is your guilt-free indulgence for skin that deserves some tender loving care.
Relax, rejuvenate, and let the lavender vibes sink in. 🌸✨ #ChillRoutine #LavenderMagic #SelfCareSundays

Shamaya is the Hebrew translation for heavenly or Blessings from God.

Category | Bath and Body Sugar Scrub

Scent | Lilac, Lillies, Lavender

6 ozs

Contains | Rose buds, healing oils, essential oils

Price | underpriced

Available |

#sugarscrub #sugarexfoliant